Meet The Staff

Connie Jacobsen

Connie Jacobsen's founded Teleios in 1098 as a culmination of his work at Fuller Seminary, his many years with Young Life, and his ability to establish rapport with men. The Name “Teleios” is a Greek word which means “adult, full grown or mature.” Connie passed away January 2011, but his vision carries on.



Art Kopicky joined the ministry in 1993 to help expand the growing work. Prior to joining Teleios, Art also worked full time in the Young Life Ministry for 16 years. Art has his Masters of Divinity from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C.

Shawn Petree

Shawn Petree joined Connie and Art in 2008. He also has served with the Young Life staff in both Texas and Washington. Shawn has his MDiv. from Faith Lutheran Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.

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