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Do you know a solo Christian?

If recent polling data is accurate, the answer to the above question is almost certainly yes. A 2021 survey on friendship revealed that 3 out of 4 men say they don’t have a close friend for which no topic is out of bounds for sharing. How about you? Do you have a friend that you could divulge anything to?

For those tracking these sorts of trends, it probably won’t surprise you that along with the younger generation’s epidemic of loneliness, there’s also a growing lack of intimacy among older generations. These statistics were bad before Covid started and greatly exacerbated with the global lockdown.

These are ancient problems though. You can only get a couple pages into the Bible before God deems loneliness and isolation “not good.” Imagine for a minute though … it’s before the Fall and Adam is in the most glorious and peaceful place you can imagine. But something is off. There’s a need for connecting with another person.

Humans are wired for community. While most women are quite good at connecting with others, men often struggle. But we have reason to hope! At Teleios, we seek to provide a framework for creating lasting bonds of friendship while we grow spiritually with Jesus. And we’re seeing transformation daily in the lives of men who previously felt isolated.

Is there someone in particular who comes to mind as you ponder the lone wolf Christians in your church, at your work, or in your social circles? If the Holy Spirit is prompting you, please consider inviting them to this year’s Teleios Celebration dinner on May 18th. It’ll be a wonderful time of fellowship, great food, and uplifting stories of restoration as we rejoice in what God has done and ask for his continued blessing upon this ministry.

- Brian Causey, Teleios Board member

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