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Meet Teleios Board Member Herb Hogue

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Meet one Teleios' 2023 Board Members, Herb Hogue:


When my family moved to the Seattle area 17 years ago, my wife and I were looking for small discipleship groups to join. When I met Art and Connie at University Presbyterian Church, Art directed me to a Teleios group near where we live on Mercer Island. Luckily for me, this group was coordinated by fellow Stanford sports nut Chick Hodge, so I was in! Since then, even through two moves out of state, including three years in New York and one year in West Africa, I have developed deep relationships while watching these men, as well as myself, acquire more of the heart and mind of Christ.

Like many of us, I was raised attending church but never felt the power of God's word until later. When I was 33, it came to me rather suddenly about the time I met my wife. Since then, I have been lucky over twenty years to be connected to a series of small groups and classes that have helped me go deeper in knowledge about the Bible as well as my faith. So when I joined my Teleios group in the Seattle area, I felt I had to teach my new brothers about Jesus being promised in the Old Testament and similar things I felt they had missed. What I learned, however, was that we are all in different stages of God's plan for us and some us (like me) are not as far along as we think. W all needed to acquire more of the mindset of God by being in the body of Christ together. I was humbled and needed to let go and let God. My brothers taught me that. Most of us traveled to Israel together in 2019 and today these men are among my closest friends.

Teleios knows how to make men's small groups start well and continue so that God can do his work through relationship in Christ. I wanted to join the board of Teleios to leverage this ability, expand its reach, and make it more financially secure for coming generations.

- Herb Hogue, 2023 Teleios Board Member

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