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Help us celebrate the Teleios 50th Jubilee!  We want to hear from you!







We are hoping to collect your own words and artifacts from the past 50 years.    


  1. Make a short video: please take a moment to record a short (45 seconds or less) video of yourself answering one or all of the following prompts:

    • ​What has it meant for me to be involved in Teleios, in my group, and in my friendship with Jesus and others?

    • What is one word or phrase that you would use to describe Teleios?

  2. Send us your artifacts: send us your photos, videos, letters, or anything else you might want to share.  We would love to see you, your groups, past events and trips, and even your families and friends who have been impacted by Teleios for 50 years!


If you have anything you'd like to send, or any questions, please email David at

Photo + Video Tips












Video Tips:

  • Shooting Tips: Shooting with a Phone, Tablet or Computer.

    • Sit at table with phone set up at eye-level so it’s the most engaging (not looking upward at you). On a box, books, with tape, etc. 

    • Set up camera on a stable surface and if possible do not hand-hold it. 

    • Horizontally shot (camera image should be horizontal, not vertical)

    • Look at camera while speaking.

    • Center yourself horizontally on the video. Aim camera chest-high and above.

    • We’ll edit, so you can pause, restate, and go long. We’ll choose parts of what you say to use.

    • Limit duration to one minute per clip to make uploading possible. You can send more than one clip if you want.

  • Lighting: 

    • Daytime: Shoot at daytime to use natural light. It’s best to turn off the room lights to avoid mixed temperatures in the color of lighting. 

    • Make sure there’s enough lighting to see your eyes well. 

    • Windows can be great for lighting if it’s enough light. You can have the window in front of you to light your face.

  • Background: 

    • Simple, not distracting or messy, no brands or messages. 

  • Audio: 

    • Quiet place without other voices, or radio, or TV audible. 

    • No chewing gum

  • Clothing: 

    • No logo, graphics or messages on clothing. 

    • Collared, button up or plain t-shirt can work well.

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