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2023 Celebration Report

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Dear Friends,

We have not had a live, in-person Teleios Celebration since the Fall of 2019. On May 18th, we were able to gather again and celebrate. It was amazing evening together that openly and vulnerably reflected the joy we hold in belonging to Christ and to one another.

From each person who shared there was a sense of gratitude that the life-giving Spirit of Jesus is at work among us. The big news of the night is that Shawn Petree is our new President and that Shawn's vision remains the same: calling men to a deeper encounter with Christ and with each other. As he put it, "the new vision is the old vision"--of being a band of brothers in long term friendship around our risen Lord.

Our new staff addition is Brian Petermeyer, who has already helped in starting a number of new groups and has a keep focus on younger men. Art will continue to help in all these efforts of helping men grow in Christ.

We also had nearly $100,000 committed toward our annual budget. Thank you for your partnership in "helping men reach maturity in Christ by building bonds of friendship with other men." We are truly grateful.


Shawn, Brian, and Art

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