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Malachi: The Fellowship

Things were tough in Malachi's day. The people had struggled mightily to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem, despite several threats from neighboring tribes. Following their captivity in Babylon, they struggled to find or understand their national identity. Forgetting their history, they began to stray spiritually (worshipping other gods), sacrificially (sacrificing stolen or lame animals), and relationally (intermarrying with the neighboring pagans). The book of Malachi is like reading the transcript of a conversation between a father and his young children who don't follow, nor completely grasp, the rules.

And while it may seem like the whole nation went astray, there was a remnant of true believers. Malachi 3:16-18 describes how a small group of those who revered God banded together in fellowship to honor God by remembering his deeds and promises. They were like a band of brothers who united together in the face of an opposing cultural current.

We all need the fellowship and support of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is our hope that your Teleios group is like this band of brothers--a group of trusted friends that can provide encouragement as we walk closer with Jesus and support one another as we struggle through both typical life changes and an onslaught of modern cultural changes--all while trying to be the salt and light to a world that desperately needs the good news of Jesus.

Brian Causey, Teleios Board Member

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