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Meaningful Dialogues...It's Bearing Fruit

We’ve had a tremendous response to the Meaningful Dialogues series! Many in the Teleios community have been blessed by the honest interaction amongst friends and by learning from our different perspectives. God has used these conversations to broaden our realization of His Kingdom work.

All 4 sessions have been recorded, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch (or re-watch) them yet, then here’s the link: OK, so what’s next? Three things:

  1. Inspired by the bonds of friendship witnessed in the dialogues, a new small group has been formed including many who were introduced to Teleios by the videos!

  2. The idea of having inter-racial dialogues is spreading. We’ve heard that a group in California (via a contact that knows Art) is considering a similar series.

  3. If you want to get connected or to form deeper relationships with those from different backgrounds or different perspectives, please reach out to Art or Shawn.

If you’ve been blessed or inspired by these dialogues, please let us know by emailing David at

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