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Meaningful Dialogues Opportunity


Conversations on Friendship with Those Different from Yourself Saturday, February 13, 8-9:30am & Monday, February 22, 6:30-8am

In the past year, many of you have inquired about how you might go about building a friendship with someone from another generation or cultural background. This year we are providing you with an opportunity to do just that! Join Marvin Charles and Art Kopicky as they reflect on 20 years of deep friendship and what they are learning as two friends who grew up in completely different contexts. With faith in Christ as their center, they are continuing to grow in a meaningful friendship.

We are planning to offer six one-hour long virtual sessions over the next three months (no, you don't need to commit to all six!). Though meeting online may not be ideal, you will have a chance to meet men in Seattle who are interested in bridging the gap across racial and generational lines. In the words of Jesus, "come and see..." We will learn together what it looks like to participate in what the Apostle Paul calls the "one new humanity" that we believe, in our heart of hearts, all of us long for.

- Marvin and Art

Email for a link to the Zoom call.

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