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Meet New Teleios Staff Member Brian Petermeyer!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Meet new Teleios staff member Brian Petermeyer!


My name is Brian Petermeyer. I am an avid hobbyist and someone who loves to get lost in things. I tend to be obsessive and can often be found in my free time thrift shopping, cutting hair, doing deep dives on lawn care, playing pickleball, or obsessing over my short game at the golf course. I have a history of distracting myself and that is one of the great barriers between me and God. Part of what make life interesting to me is when I realize that there is something that has lost its proportion in my life. Thrift shopping isn't a big deal until you can't wait to go back. Lawn care is totally cool until it's taken over your free time and attention off your family. A need for moderation is what you could call it.

But this is supposed to be an introductory post to tell you a bit about me. I am married to my wonderful wife, Laura, and we have two wonderfully active and energetic daughters. I also work part-time as a mental health counselor. My family and my past are the things that will give you some context to what has brought me to where I am today, so here is a taste:

Jesus found me as a child, and I have been wandering and meandering after him my whole life. Most people say "following" but I'm not sure that would be accurate. When I would tell people I was a "follower" it was usually to keep up appearances. I have a deep desire to know and follow Jesus, but I'm most curious to find out what it means for ME to follow Jesus. I know what Christian culture says it is supposed to look like, but I believe it is an individual journey. I am grateful for all the different ways we are guided to Him as a way of asking, seeking, and knocking around to find what is best for us. As I've heard Shawn say many times, it's creating space for Jesus to "get at us." It could be while mowing the lawn, while on a walk, or listening to an audiobook. It could be while at church, in solitude, or in silence. It can even be while I am swinging one of my daughters around in the yard.

Who am I? I am a broken man who has stumbled through 36 years of an addiction to hiding. Hiding from my God, my wife, myself, my parents, and my friends. Hiding can look like thrift shops, lawn care, or pornography. To me, following Jesus is allowing Him to see me and the hard work of receiving His love. What keeps me from being seen by God is shame. The antidote is vulnerability, peeking my head out of my protective shell like a turtle. Jesus meets me there when I trust him enough, but that is often hard for me.

I hope that I get that opportunity to be seen by God when we are together. The power of your presence in my life is healing and it is the place that I find God. Thank you for welcoming me into this great community of brothers.

--Brian Petermeyer--

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