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Meet Teleios Board Member Brian Pfau

Get to know one of our new Teleios Board Members, Brian Pfau. Q: How did you get introduced to Teleios?

A: My wife was in a women's group at church where she met and became friends with one of the other women. As the got to know each other, they realized her husband Zack and I had a lot in common. So, they essentially set us up. Through getting to know Zack, he told me about the Teleios fishing trip and the group that he was involved with. I had been looking for ways to grow my faith and this seemed like the perfect fit.

Q: What has Teleios meant to you?

A: It has been so powerful to walk with other men who are working through many of the same issues such as faith, family, and business, and how to balance it all.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Teleios Board?

A: I joined the board in hopes of helping others continue to participate in and start new Teleios groups. I am excited to bring my skillset and unique perspective to Teleios to see how we can keep Teleios growing and bringing more people to Jesus.

Q: What excites you most about Teleios’ future?

A: I have had the opportunity to participate in various life groups, and a continuous phrase I hear is "How do we keep this connection going?" I believe the Teleios model is what many men are seeking and I am excited to point them to Teleios in hopes that it will help their faith like it has helped mine.

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