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Montana Trip Report

Nine years ago I got invited to my first fly fishing trip to Montana by a long-time Teleios member. At the end of the trip I was asked by our host to consider co-hosting a full trip of Teleios guys from Seattle the following summer. I called my friend Zack Mazzoncini, an avid fly fisherman, and he and I began inviting men to our first annual trip the summer of 2013. Since then, we have been taking 10-12 guys each summer to an incredible lodge on the Madison River. Four days of world-class fly fishing, amazing food and plenty of adventure! This trip has proved to be a great catalyst for men from Seattle to have a chance to unplug and go deeper with Jesus and one another. It’s been a great tool to continue to carry out the Teleios mission of “growing deeper in Jesus through building bonds of friendship with other men.”


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