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New Teleios Board Member Intro: JJ Breilh

Get to know one of our new Teleios Board Members, JJ Breilh. Q: How did you get introduced to Teleios?

A: I was first introduced to Teleios by asking the mentors in my life who I should talk to about men’s ministry and work. Sure enough, the first guy who I reached out to was Shawn Petree. We would go on monthly walks to check-in and he'd show up on our monthly "First Friday's" -- where young adult men would show up for some food, conversation, and fellowship together. It just rolled right into place.

Q: What has Teleios meant to you?

A: Teleios’ impact is ongoing and the definition of a ripple effect. It pours into a small portion of your week or day, but overflows into every category of life. God has revealed his presence and grown my desire to be with Him while fellowshipping and partnering with other men across the greater Seattle area.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Teleios Board?

A: I got to bring down the average age of the Board pretty considerably. I was both excited and nervous to join a group with so many years of wisdom and discernment ahead of me. But it's exciting to be on the younger side of things to incite and evoke change and welcome in a newer and younger audience for intergenerational friendship and impact.

Q: What excites you most about Teleios’ future?

A: I'm excited to take part in inviting and being a part of the "next generation" of young men to impact and be impacted by the work Teleios is doing in the greater Seattle area. I see the purpose and reason behind why intergenerational friendship amongst men is so vital and important—it's something I think Teleios is poised to take head on for many more years of impact, relationship, and Kingdom work.

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