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Service, Friendship, Transformation

“This is one of most transformational things I have ever experienced”.

That’s a quote from a number of the men who have participated in our Tijuana service trip.  

For 18 years we have taken a multi-ethnic group of men from Seattle to Tijuana, Mexico to build a couple of houses and bond with men that look different than themselves.  Men from Teleios, Emerald City Bible Fellowship, and DADS are the partners in this gathering. 

Each man has time to honestly share his story, hear from all the others & pray for one another.  Something amazing happens over the course of the trip as we share our history and build a home for a Mexican family -- a deep bond develops at the heart and spiritual level.

Over time, I believe it has had an impact back here in Seattle.  The bonding goes on between the men after we return home. It reflects the scriptural affirmation that in Jesus Christ we are “one new humanity”.  These relationships, forged in a short-term experience become long-term friendships. 

Consider joining us this year!  We fly in to San Diego and take vehicles across the border to Tijuana.  For me, taking two of my sons with me has been a highlight. One was on our first trip in 2000 and the other was this past year.  With each, there was wonderful dialogue about faith, service, and God’s vision for the community of believers. I’d encourage you to come along with us and consider bringing a son, a friend or a member from your group.  

Feel free to call me it you have a question about the trip (206.384.0072).

Blessings to you,


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