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The Devil's Lies

In July, we'll be sending members of Teleios to Montana for fly fishing and fellowship--this will be the 9th consecutive year! Please keep this group of men in your prayers as they take a break from their busy lives, turn off their cell phones, and enjoy God's beautiful creation while deepening their bonds of friendship. Pray that they return to us and their families as stronger and more loving disciples of Jesus.

Lessons from Montana - The Devil's Lies

I've been on the Teleios Montana fly-fishing adventure twice. It's basically the only time I go fishing. Growing up, my family was more into biking and camping than fishing, so I'm a complete novice who catches more shrubs than trout. Thankfully, the guides on this trip are great at sorting out the tangled mess that often becomes my fishing line.

Over the course of each trip, twelve guys bond through their common love of Jesus and by sharing life stories. Each guy's story is filled with triumph and tragedy, love and loss, brokenness and healing. Amongst brothers, far away from the busyness of our daily lives, we experienced safety in vulnerability. On my second trip to Montana while listening to one of the guys tell his life story something hit me--the enemy's lies are aimed at the truth behind our greatest strengths. Let me unpack that.

Throughout the week, as each of us shared our biggest struggle, each one of us simultaneously seemed to identify their greatest strength. The guy with the biggest heart said he felt his heart was lost. The born leader felt crippled by doubts of his capability. The guy you want by your side in a spiritual fight wondered if he was truly courageous. Of course, these were all lies. But we often don't have eyes to see things so clearly. The enemy was trying to take us out in the areas where we were most gifted. That is not only true in Montana, but true in our day-to-day lives.

What lies does the enemy seem to be whispering to you? There's a good chance the lies are an attack on your greatest strengths. So, turn from the lies and toward the truth of Jesus Christ. He is the source of truth and the only One who can ultimately untangle the messes in your life.

Brian Causey, Teleios Board Member

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