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The Power of Testimony

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

I love hearing testimonies of how people came to faith in Jesus. If you've been around Teleios for any stretch of time, you've likely seen how we integrate testimonials into our group settings. This not only helps to break down the walls that we put around us but emphasizes God's transformational power--often in amazing and shocking ways! Listening to others' life stories are some of my favorite memories from the Tijuana house-buidling trip and the Montana fly-fishing trip.

Recently, my wife and I were reflecting on the amazing life story of Nabeel Qureshi--a devout Muslim who converted to Christianity after years of thoughtfully weighing the evidence. A brilliant thinker, passionate speaker, and best-selling author, Nabeel's conversion came at great personal cost--severing ties with much of his Muslim friends and family. But he couldn't ignore the evidence he saw in Christianity or refuse Jesus's great gift of forgiveness.

Nabeel's story wasn't a solo journey. In it, we find the inspiring friendship of a Christian man named David Wood who encouraged, loved, and challenged Nabeel's previous faith in Islam. Despite their differences, they became best friends and would often talk for hours about religion. David had is own jaw-dropping testimony--having come to faith while in prison for the attempted murder of his father.

Every Christian has a testimony. Some involve great sacrifice like Nabeel's or a complete transformation like David's. Your story might not have that kind of drama, but God's gift of salvation is part of your story; part of who you've become. The creator of the whole universe actually knows you and loves you! That's worth sharing with others. If you have difficulty approaching others about matters of faith, consider sharing your testimony. The miracle that Jesus has worked in your life can be an excellent witness to the truth of the gospel. Your testimony and the way you live your life may be the only gospel that some people read.

Brian Causey

Teleios Board Member

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