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Trading Gods

Brian Causey, Teleios board member, has recently published a book titled Trading Gods: A Rationale for Faith. I met Brian in 2013 when his life was in transition. He was seeking answers to some of the

bigger questions of life and faith, while desiring community with other Christian men. Our connection began with Brian hearing about Teleios through his church. He and I, along with six other men started a Teleios group together, connecting Brian to other men who were also exploring faith.

Brian joined the Teleios board in 2017. He is our communications team lead on the board. Two of Brian’s passions are studying and writing. For the past 10 years, Brian has been researching and processing his learnings through writing. One of the results of this exploration of faith is his book Trading Gods. It recounts his journey to faith as he takes on life’s big questions and the toughest arguments raised by skeptics.

You might find it to be a helpful tool in your own journey or as a resource for your skeptical friends. Click here ( to learn more about Brian and how to access his book. As a special promotion for the Teleios community, use the discount code TELEIOS2021 to get a 75% discount when ordering through Brian’s website! All profits from the book will be donated to charities, including Teleios.


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