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The Conrad Jacobsen Memorial Endowment Fund

Why do this?

Over the years we have seen Teleios change men’s lives in powerful ways through maturity in Christ.  We now have many groups made up of young men. God’s work is never finished. 

How is this different?

Rather than just funding this year’s needs, the Endowment Fund, in Connie’s name, establishes a growing corpus of long-term investment, a portion of which can be used for current needs.

Three steps to take action:


Review Our Fund Policy

Understanding our investment philosophy and how we manage your kind donation is the first step. We maintain complete transparency because your trust is our priority.



Adjust Your Will

Next, consider including the Conrad Jacobsen Memorial Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your Will. We provide a sample bequest for you to add effortlessly.



Let Us Know

Lastly, let us know of your intentions so we can express our gratitude and assist with any further actions needed on your part.


Build sustainability. Fuel the future. 

Before the Teleios founding pastor, Connie Jacobsen, passed away in 2011, he urged Art Kopicky, Shawn Petree, and the Board to continue the Teleios ministry after his death.  The Teleios Board responded by setting up the Conrad Jacobsen Memorial Endowment Fund to provide a vehicle to enhance the long-term financial health of Teleios.  Its role is to manage major gifts, including bequests from estates of deceased friends of Teleios, in a manner that Teleios benefits from these gifts over a period of years.  Similar to many university endowment funds, the gifts to the fund are invested in income-producing investments intended to grow significantly faster than inflation.  Four percent of the principal is spun off to the Teleios operating fund each year.  The fund then continues to grow from income on the principal and the addition of further gifts.  

The Conrad Jacobsen Memorial Endowment fund is a particularly attractive opportunity for those of us who have grown spiritually from Teleios and wish to make these same benefits available to the next generation.   A number of us have made provisions in our estate plans for including the Conrad Jacobsen Memorial Endowment Fund as a beneficiary upon our deaths.  Such a bequest is a charitable donation and therefore deductible from an estate and death tax standpoint. 

Remembering the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians: 9:7-8, “You must each decide in your heart how much to give.  And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure.  For God loves a cheerful giver.”   

We urge you to join us as cheerful givers in honoring Connie’s desire that Teleios will continue to help men strive for maturity in Christ.  Please prayerfully consider the Conrad Jacobsen Memorial Endowment Fund in your estate plans as a grateful heritage to future men of Christ.

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